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How can PhotoBlog Presets Help me?

Do you want to get that professional look with gorgeous colors, color-tines, and contrast in your photos?

Then you are in the right place.

Our unmatched Lightroom Presets, Workflows, and PhotoShop Actions help photographers just like you save countless editing hours. Plus, applying our products makes your photos look otherworldly in only a few clicks.

Say hello to bright, colorful, and warm tones that your clients keep coming back to you for.

Thousands of influencers, bloggers, and photographers all over the world create stunning images every day using PhotoBlog's Lightroom Presets. Our brand is online since 2008 all thanks to your trust in us!

Why PhotoBlog Presets?

We created PhotoBlog Presets to help photographers edit their photos beautifully while saving time.

As photographers, influencers, and people with families we all live busy lives. After a busy day of shooting, the last thing you want to do is spend countless hours on the computer editing. That is the time you could be spending with your families or acquiring new clients.

What is PhotoBlog?

We started PhotoBlog in 2008 as a blogging platform for photographers. We are still a blogging platform, but we are also known for:

  • World-class photography courses,
  • Lightroom presets, and
  • Photoshop actions

If we have learned anything over the last decade, it is that you need stunning photos to be successful in this field. Whether you want to be a successful photographer, blogger, or a social media influencer, you have to have killer images.

As a blogging platform that deals with thousands of influencers and photographers every day, we know what editing styles work best. We use this insight and photography expertise to come up with our products.

Who Are We?

Ramesh Yaha founded photoblog. He is a nature and landscape photographer with over ten years of experience in photography and post-processing. 

About Ramesh: 

I first started taking an interest in photography during my first visit to the Canadian Rockies. I soon realized that my camera, an entry-level Canon DSLR at the time, can only do so much.

The natural beauty that I was experiencing was far beyond what I was able to capture.

This experience led me on a path to learn photography better and edit my work to mimic the natural colors and tones. 

With PhotoBlog, I can share with the world what I have learned over the last decade. I hope these free photography learning resources, lightroom products, and photography courses help you in your photography journey as well.

Thank you for being part of PhotoBlog!